When The Fire Broke Out A Families Loving Dog Came Through

Capone, the family’s dog, saves Mom and her 9 children from a house fire.

Angela Fullmer was home alone with the children and Capone, the family’s dog, when a fire broke out. Mr. Fullmer, A professional truck driver, was working out of town at the time. The family all lay in bed when Capone began barking furiously around 1:30 in the morning. At first, Mrs. Fullmer tried to call the dog to her room.

“He always comes when I call,” Mrs. Fullmer said. She knew something had to be wrong she got out of bed to see what was happing. Capone had sounded off way before the fire alarm had a chance to sound off. The Pup

“The lower level of the home was gone in 5 minutes,” Angela added. Making it clear if Capone hadn’t alerted them before the alarm the family might not have had time to get out. The home went up quickly and the Fullmer’s lost everything but their lives, and their courageous companion.

Grateful Pup.

Capone was rescued by the family just 18 months prior to the fire. The tiny mix-breed dog was a stray wandering around when Angela and her husband Issac found him. It was fated to be, just as The Fullmers rescued Capone, he rescued the Fullers.


As reported by Mike Kilen with USA Today.

He walked out on his own. “He saved himself,” she said.

The family lost everything but their lives. The home they were renting from parents was uninhabitable. Water and smoke damage left them with nothing. They received donations of clothing and other items. The family holed up in a hotel room until they found two apartments that could house them all.

Capone, who is 2 ½, had to stay at a friends’ home. He was so upset he didn’t eat for three days. When Capone returned, he wouldn’t leave the baby’s side during her “tummy time” on a blanket.

Capone slept at the feet of 10-year-old Alexander every night. The two have a special bond.

Soon, the family will be in a new home with a large fenced-in yard. The Fullmers have since purchased a five-bedroom home and

Capone will be happy to know he will soon enjoy a new large fenced-in yard. The Fullmers have since purchased a five-bedroom home and will move on May 24.

Nothing is too grand for the dog now.

He had barked and barked for two minutes before the fire alarm even went off and the house already going up in flames, Fullmer figures. He had saved their lives.


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