Utah Woman Arrested After Altercation At Restaurant

A Utah ‘Karen’ who went viral for her disturbing actions at a local steakhouse has finally faced consequences for her behavior.

Ida Ann Lorenzo has been charged with sexual battery after pulling down a teenager’s miniskirt at Sakura Japanese Steakhouse on Saturday night.

Thanks to the bravery of the young woman and her friends, Lorenzo has been held accountable for her actions.

In a now-viral TikTok video, Lorenzo can be seen confronting a group of teenage girls and making explicit comments about the length of one of their miniskirts.

She identifies herself as a state employee, threatening to call Child Protective Services if she sees the victim’s “a** cheeks hanging out” or “pubic hair” again.

However, the victim’s friends can be heard defending her and informing Lorenzo that she is over 18 and therefore does not need to adhere to the same standards as a minor.

She also reportedly told the officer that she first asked the teenager to pull down her skirt but was ignored, which led her to take matters into her own hands. When questioned about her actions, Lorenz stated that she only touched the girl’s skirt and did not touch her directly.

However, the officer explained to her that her behavior was criminal. Despite this, Lorenz continued to argue her case, stating that she believed she was protecting the young children in the restaurant. She also claimed that a “threat on her life” had been made, possibly because she is a state employee.

Lorenzo later told the police that she intended to file an indecent exposure report against the victim. However, it was her own behavior that landed her in trouble with the law. The incident was brought to the authorities’ attention when Lorenzo reported it herself on the same night.

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