Airport Vending Machine Almost Kills Woman, Spotted ‘Little Antennas’

A young airline worker suffered a severe allergic reaction and temporary blindness after consuming coffee from a vending machine at Son Sant Joan Airport near Palma, Majorca, which was contaminated with insects. The 21-year-old purchased the coffee from a machine at the airport before boarding her flight.

Halfway through drinking the coffee, she noticed an unusual taste and discovered “little antennas and wings” within the beverage.

A subsequent closer inspection revealed a swarm of winged insects inside the cup. The ordeal quickly escalated as she started to feel ill shortly after consuming the drink.

According to her statements to the Spanish news outlet Ultima Hora, the woman began experiencing symptoms of sickness within just ten minutes of ingesting the contaminated coffee.

These symptoms rapidly progressed to a severe allergic reaction, known as anaphylactic shock, characterized by swelling of the face and throat, which significantly impaired her breathing.

The situation necessitated immediate medical intervention. Airport health services administered adrenaline and other emergency treatments as her condition worsened. She was eventually rushed to a clinic in Palma where she was admitted to the ICU.

During her 36-hour stay in the ICU, healthcare professionals informed her boyfriend of the gravity of her condition, highlighting the severity of the incident. Upon her release from the ICU, the woman recounted the harrowing experience of being alone and connected to numerous medical tubes.

Following the incident, the woman reached out to Deli Corner, the company responsible for the coffee vending machine, seeking accountability and to prevent future occurrences. Despite being offered a refund, she declined, emphasizing the need for action rather than compensation.

In response to the incident, her family has filed a formal complaint with the National Police, alleging that the presence of insects in the coffee constitutes a potential public health violation and reckless injury. The complaint has led to the temporary closure of the vending machine in question.

The airport has reportedly shut down the implicated coffee vending machine pending an investigation. The family criticizes the airport for inadequate maintenance and oversight of the vending facilities.

Daily Mail