Residents Baffled After ‘Alien’ Creature That Washed Up On Beach

A beachgoer in Ledge Point, Australia was left baffled when they stumbled upon a tentacled sea creature on the sand. The West Australian mum was enjoying a leisurely stroll along the beach when she noticed strange white strands protruding from the sand.

The tentacle-like objects resembled something out of a science fiction movie, leaving the woman and her children curious as to what they could be.

The mysterious discovery quickly sparked discussion among beach lovers, as many shared their guesses as to what the strange objects could be.

Some jokingly suggested they were udon noodles or linguine, while others wondered if they were tree roots or squid eggs. The woman added that the strands felt similar to bean sprouts and did not move when poked.

Despite the playful guesses, some serious suggestions were also made. Some believed the objects could be bleached seagrass, a type of plant that can lose its color when exposed to the sun. Others thought they could be beach worms or even squid eggs.

However, the woman further explained that the objects did not wash away when she tugged on them, leading her to believe they were firmly stuck in the sand.

As more people chimed in with their theories, one person shared that they had seen the same objects at Ledge Point before and were also unsure of their identity.

This added to the mystery of the creature, leaving everyone intrigued and wanting to know more.

Despite the initial confusion, a satisfying answer was eventually discovered. After scouring through Google images and considering the suggestions made, the woman concluded that the mystery objects were likely dead seaweed that had been bleached by the sun. This phenomenon can occur when seaweed is exposed to sunlight for an extended period of time.

The discovery of the tentacled creature may have caused a moment of confusion and intrigue, but in the end, it turned out to be a natural occurrence. The woman and her children were able to learn something new about the beach and the creatures that inhabit it.

Daily Mail