Soap Opera Icon Makes Defiant Announcement After Health Battle!

He’s 82 years old and is showing no signs of taking it easy during his golden years.

Eric Braeden “The Young and the Restless” star isn’t going anywhere after his battle with cancer. When asked if he was going to retire his answer was “No, hell no, no, no.”

“I’ve known friends and colleagues of mine … athletic friends of mine who suddenly are retired. And now what? Pickleball?” Braeden joked.

Braeden is one of the longest actors in the soap industry his character Victor Newman, is as complex as he is intriguing. Here are five noteworthy facts about this iconic figure:

  1. Character Creation: Victor Newman was introduced to “The Young and The Restless” viewers in 1980, crafted by the genius of William J. Bell. Originally intended as a temporary character, Victor’s transformative narrative propelled him into a mainstay figure.
  2. Impressive Longevity: The character has been consistently portrayed by Eric Braeden since his inception. This makes Braeden’s run as Newman one of the longest continuous portrayals of a character by a single actor in the history of television.
  3. Background Story: Victor Newman hails from an impoverished background, growing up in an orphanage. His rise to becoming a wealthy businessman has been a central theme of the show, epitomizing the rags-to-riches trope.
  4. Family and Relationships: Newman’s intricate relationships form a significant element of the soap opera. His tumultuous marriages, especially with Nikki Reed, and complex relations with his children add layers to his character.
  5. Awards: For his outstanding portrayal of Victor Newman, Eric Braeden has received numerous accolades. Notably, he has won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, cementing Victor’s place in soap opera history.


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