Streisand Attacks McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy, 53, has recently caught the attention of her fans and followers for her impressive weight loss journey. The actress has always been open about her weight fluctuations and has embraced her body no matter what size she is at.

In recent photos of herself at the CTG’s The Gala 2024 at the Ahmanson Theatre, McCarthy looked slimmer and more confident than ever before, sending everyone into a frenzy.

Among her many fans is iconic singer, actress and filmmaker Barbra Streisand, who had a rather unexpected response to McCarthy’s Instagram post. The 82-year-old commented, “Give him my regards, did you take Ozempic?”

The remark left many confused and shocked, as it seemed to be a thinly veiled question about McCarthy’s weight loss journey. However, Streisand quickly deleted the comment after facing backlash and criticism from her fans and followers.

Despite being a discreet removal, many fans captured and shared screenshots of the exchange on social media, sparking a heated debate about body image and privacy. Some were appalled by Streisand’s seemingly insensitive comment, saying it was neither appropriate nor anyone’s business to ask someone about their weight or potential use of medication publicly.

Others came to Streisand’s defense, saying that she may have been genuinely curious or asking on behalf of a friend who also struggles with weight loss.

Despite the initial drama, McCarthy herself has not addressed the controversy and is instead focused on the positive aspect of her Instagram post.

The actress looked radiant and happy in the photo, captioning it with “This much closer to my dream of dancing on stage,” referring to her love for dancing and hopes of being in a Broadway musical one day. Fans have flooded her comments with compliments, saying the dress and color is stunning and that she looks amazing.

Twitter has also been abuzz with positive reactions to McCarthy’s weight loss and her classy response to Streisand’s comment. One user wrote, “She always looks stunning, no matter what,” while another gushed, “Melissa is the epitome of body positivity and self-love.”

Many are also applauding McCarthy’s silence and grace in not addressing the controversy and instead choosing to focus on her passion for performing and her happiness.

Daily Mail