Actress Gives Perfect Response To Streisand’s Nasty Comment

The entertainment world was abuzz as Hollywood stars came out in droves to attend the premiere of “Unfrosted” in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Among the many celebrities gracing the red carpet was the lovely Melissa McCarthy, who caught everyone’s attention with her radiant smile and noticeably slimmer frame.

The actress, known for her iconic roles in movies like “Tammy” and “Bridesmaids,” was beaming with confidence and grace as she made her way down the red carpet in a stunning floral-print dress and matching headband.

But what truly stole the show was Melissa’s subtle response to Barbra Streisand’s now infamous backlash on social media. Earlier this week, Barbra had made a backhanded compliment to Melissa on Instagram, sparking criticism from fans for focusing on body image. But Melissa, ever the class act, brushed it off with a playful joke on the red carpet. In an Instagram clip, she joked, “The takeaway: Barbra Streisand knows I exist,” as she read a magazine centered around the “A Star is Born” actress.

Melissa’s response on social media garnered praise from her fans and followers, with many applauding her for handling the situation with grace and humor. The actress was joined by her husband, Ben Falcone, who donned an olive green suit and coral-colored shirt for the event.

And it wasn’t just Melissa who turned heads on the red carpet – she also crossed paths with some of her “Unfrosted” co-stars, including Jerry Seinfeld and Jim Gaffigan.

The comedic-drama, set to premiere on Netflix next month, follows the creation of the beloved Pop-Tart and features a star-studded cast including Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, Max Greenfield, Peter Dinklage, and Christian Slater.

But for Jerry Seinfeld, the highlight of the film was getting to work alongside Melissa McCarthy. In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Jerry couldn’t stop praising the actress, calling her the “greatest” and crediting her for her expertise in the film industry.

As Melissa graced the red carpet, she lit up the room with her infectious positivity and her effortless elegance. Her love for fellow actress Barbra, who issued a public apology for her comment soon after, showed that women should support and lift each other up, rather than focus on physical appearances.

And although Melissa has always been known for her wit and humor, her response to the drama surrounding Barbra’s comment showed that she is also a class act who knows how to handle situations gracefully.

But the premiere of “Unfrosted” was not the only event Melissa attended recently. On Sunday, she also graced the 2024 CTG Gala in L.A., wearing a layered, greenish-blue tulle dress. The photos she posted on social media garnered lots of love and support from fans, who praised the actress for her beauty and talent. And with her performance in “Unfrosted,” Melissa is sure to steal the hearts of many more fans.

Daily Mail