A Hawaiian Staple Just Stepped In Huge For Maui Residents!

Spam, a beloved favorite in Hawaii, is showing support for the state after the devastating wildfires in Maui. As part of their relief efforts, Spam’s parent company, Hormel Foods, sent over 265,000 cans of their tasty canned meat products to the island. According to a news release on Thursday, the company is making a difference in the community.

Hormel has joined forces with Convoy of Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing assistance to areas impacted by natural disasters. Together, they have already dispatched three truckloads of Spam products and have two more shipments on the way, as announced by the company. The combined value of Spam’s financial contributions and product donations to Hawaii exceeds $1 million.

In support of relief efforts, they are offering T-shirts for sale with the inscription “SPAM® Brand Loves Maui.” The company pledges that all proceeds will be donated to Aloha United Way, an organization dedicated to fundraising for various charitable causes, including their Maui Fire Relief Fund. Additionally, Hormel Foods is actively contributing to the fundraising initiatives for local food banks.

Maui was devastated by fires that tragically consumed the historic town of Lahaina. The aftermath has been heart-wrenching, with over 100 lives lost and the search for victims still underway.

“The people of Hawaii have a special place in both the history and heart of the SPAM® brand,” said Jennesa Kinscher, senior brand manager for Spam. “Our donation efforts are just one way we are showing the community our love and support back.”
The company posted about their efforts on Facebook. “To our ‘ohana [family] on Maui, we see you and love you. We’ve been working with our trusted partners on how we can help,” they wrote.

Hormel Foods has a history of collaborating with organizations such as Convoy of Hope and World Central Kitchen to provide assistance to those affected by food insecurity in the aftermath of natural disasters. However, the brand also shares a deep bond with Hawaii.
According to the company, the rise in popularity of Spam in Hawaii can be traced back to World War II, when the islands were under U.S. territory. During the war, Spam became a regular part of the diet for American soldiers stationed there. Over time, Hawaiians embraced Spam as a staple food, often incorporating it into dishes like fried rice.

The company claims to annually ship 7 million cans of Spam to the state, proudly stating that their products are practically considered the national food of Hawaii. Spam can be found on menus ranging from convenience stores to upscale restaurants. Interestingly, even McDonald’s locations in Hawaii offer meals that creatively incorporate Spam.
The cause of the devastating fires remains uncertain, and an investigation is currently underway.

Hurricane Dora, classified as a Category 4 storm, brought hazardous high winds to the area, exacerbating the fire risk caused by the dry conditions. Much of Hawaii found itself under a red flag warning due to these conditions. There are also lawsuits filed by residents and local officials putting at least some of the blame on the power company.

In Lahaina, more than 2,000 structures have been destroyed, Hawaii Gov. Josh Green said. People tried to flee the blaze but many were trapped, some even tried to save themselves by jumping into the water.

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