Tom Selleck Opens Up On The One Acting Role That Had Him ‘Scared To Death’

Hollywood star Tom Selleck from “Magnum P.I.” and “Blue Bloods” is an American icon and has worked in Hollywood for decades.

Recently, he made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show to celebrate the 250th episode of Blue Bloods and he opened up a bit.

Selleck told host and singer, Kelly Clarkson, that his role on “Friends” playing Dr. Richard Burke, the two-time boyfriend of Courteney Cox’s character Monica Geller had him terrified. The Hollywood superstar admitted that it was his first role in a comedy show and that he was a guest.

“The hardest thing is to guest on a show,” the 77-year-old explained, according to Daily Mail. “I was scared to death. I had done [an episode of] ‘Taxi’ a long time before, but I hadn’t done a sitcom. And so, I was really nervous.”

Selleck said that things wouldn’t have gone well if it wasn’t for the help of Courteney Cox who was a “big help.”

The actor described that the cast of “Friends” were all good to him and he noticed that the group of actors had really become friends in real life as well.

“Courteney helped a lot. Courteney’s a big help,” he recalled. “But that group’s an incredible group of friends. They obviously became friends in life as well as on the show. And it shows. It was a wonderful place to work.”

Selleck was only supposed to make one appearance on “Friends” however he was such a hit he made nine different appearances between 1995 and 2000.

Things have been going well for the TV star, his show Blue Bloods has been a hit and has been picked up for its 13 seasons.

Unfortunately, the CBS reboot of “Magnum P.I” did not make it to season four and was canceled despite ranking No. 9 in the network’s lineup — though both CSI: Vegas (6.8 mil/0.8) and S.W.A.T. (6.5 mil/0.8), which drew smaller audiences, earned renewals.

CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl said, “You have some tough decisions to make and you have lots of factors — and I’m not going to rule [the licensing fee] out as one of them. It was a great team to work with, and one of the tougher decisions we had to make.”

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