Watch: Rescue Goes Terribly Wrong As Officer and Man Are Sucked Into Drainage Pipe!

Escambia County, Florida – In a harrowing incident that unfolded on Friday, a sheriff’s deputy and a courageous citizen narrowly escaped with their lives after being sucked into a drainage pipe. Deputy William Hollingsworth of the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office and a citizen, identified only as “David,” emerged from the drainpipe about 100 yards from where they were initially pulled into it.

The heart-stopping moment was captured on Deputy Hollingsworth’s body camera, providing dramatic footage of the event. In the video, Hollingsworth can be heard urging his companion to breathe as they finally resurface, expressing profound relief and gratitude.

The incident occurred as Deputy Hollingsworth was on patrol, assisting stranded motorists trapped in rapidly rising waters caused by severe weather and torrential downpours. As he noticed a citizen struggling in the rising floodwaters, Hollingsworth witnessed the individual disappear beneath the water’s surface. Without hesitation, the deputy rushed to their aid, disregarding his own safety.

However, as Hollingsworth attempted the rescue, both he and the citizen were abruptly sucked into a nearby drainage pipe, carrying them underneath Highway 98, a busy four-lane roadway. For a terrifying half-minute, the pair remained submerged, traveling approximately 100 feet within the confined space of the pipe.

Ultimately, against all odds, they resurfaced on the other side, astonishingly surviving the traumatic ordeal. Escambia County Sheriff’s Office emphasized that Deputy Hollingsworth and the citizen were incredibly fortunate to be alive, underscoring the life-threatening nature of their experience.

Sheriff Chip Simmons commended the exceptional bravery displayed by Deputy Hollingsworth and highlighted the dedication and courage exhibited by law enforcement officers on a daily basis. The footage captured by the deputy’s body camera serves as a testament to the selfless commitment of those who serve and protect their communities.

The miraculous survival of Deputy Hollingsworth and the citizen he was attempting to rescue serves as a powerful reminder of the extraordinary courage and selflessness exhibited by law enforcement personnel in the face of danger. Their remarkable escape from the clutches of the drainage pipe will undoubtedly be an experience etched in their memories forever.

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