WATCH: Flight Attendant Humiliates Passenger’s Wife in Appalling Incident

It seems that one Delta Airlines passenger had a very unpleasant experience on a flight from Orlando to New York City last November. According to Thomas Todd, an unidentified flight attendant became increasingly frustrated with him and his wife, Jen, after they tried to place their bags in the first-class bins because their own section was full.

The altercation began when the couple tried to make use of the empty space in the first-class bin after the group was already fully boarded. The flight attendant warned Todd and his wife to stop “being rude” and allegedly told Jen “she had a stupid face.”

Todd claims that he and his wife were then removed from the flight after the flight attendant threatened to ‘turn this plane around’ to get them off. He also said that the employee accused them of being “very rude” for watching the safety video playing on the monitor in front of him rather than her presentation.

The altercation was captured on video and posted online, prompting Delta Airlines to reach out to Todd and his wife to apologize and offer compensation. The couple accepted the offer, and the video was taken down as an act of good faith.

However, it seems the incident has not been resolved, as the couple has not heard from the Delta representative for almost two months since the initial contact. Todd then re-posted the video online, which has since gone viral.

In response to the incident, a Delta spokesperson said that the company apologized and contacted the couple to offer “further apologies and compensation.” The spokesperson also said that the flight returned to the gate, and the couple was booked on a first-class flight to New York.

Daily Mail


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