Unlocked Podcast: Savannah Chrisley Reflects on How Her Life Is ‘Falling Apart’

Savannah Chrisley and her family have been facing a difficult time recently as her parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley, began serving their prison sentences.

On the latest episode of Savannah Chrisley’s Unlocked podcast, the Growing Up Chrisley star addressed her parents’ sentencing and gave fans an update on how her family is handling the situation.

In the episode, which was recorded on Jan. 12, Savannah explained that the episode was filmed “prior to my life falling apart.” Her parents were sentenced to serve 12 and seven years behind bars respectively in November 2022 after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud and wire fraud in June.

“Last week was an extremely difficult week for my family as a whole and for each of us individually,” Savannah said in her Jan. 24 podcast. “We kind of had to say goodbye to my parents for somewhat, for a little bit of time, for the foreseeable future, and that was really, really, really tough. And I haven’t filmed a podcast since then.”

Savannah also stated that though she may seem happy during the episode—which is titled “Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Pop-Tarts”—she states that her positive mood is a reflection of the fact that she “wasn’t faced with the reality of the situation.”

Savannah also teased that the following week’s episode would be a “one-on-one podcast with myself” to give fans an update on everything from her life to how her family members are handling Todd and Julie’s sentencing. She also said that she will share an update on how her parents are doing, as she explained, “Because you guys don’t have one yet.”

“This was kind of pre-life falling apart,” Savannah, 25, stated, “and now, podcasts that I do going forward will be post.”

Savannah has been very open about her parents’ situation and has spoken out in their defense on multiple occasions. She has been vocal about her support for her parents and her faith in God to get them through this difficult time.

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