Unlikely Star Surprises Critics In New Movie Honoring A War Hero

Joe Jonas, a Disney star, boy band member, actor, and singer is now covering a new role in hopes that he can act more in the future. Posing in Gucci, Versace, and Moschino for his Alexa cover shoot, he said, “When it comes to style, I want to know I can confidently wear it.”

Though Jonas has never shied away from fashion or the camera, it’s currently all about promoting his first major big-screen role in the movie “Devotion.”

The movie is based on the inspirational true story of Jesse Brown, the first Black aviator in U.S. Navy history, and his friendship with fellow fighter pilot Tom Hudner. The duo fight during the most brutal battle in the Korean War, and their heroic sacrifices make them one of the Navy’s most celebrated wingmen.

Jonas,33, plays Navy hero Marty Goode which is now in theaters. When the opportunity came for the singer to pursue his passion for acting, he took it.

“Acting is a huge passion of mine,” he told Alexa. “When I was younger, I was doing acting, but it’s been years. Being able to immerse yourself in a character and surround yourself with great actors is always something I loved, but I really didn’t have the time to say, ‘Great, yeah, that sounds awesome. So when’s your film? OK, I don’t know where I’m gonna be at that point.’ ”

The pandemic lockdown gave Jonas the opening he needed as he explained, “Naturally, touring would be put to a stop, and me and the bros were like, ‘All right, well, we’re gonna all do what we gotta do and take care of our families and be home. And that gave me time to do something that I was passionate about for years and put myself on tape, meet directors, meet producers, meet writers, and just kind of pitch myself.”

Speaking of the movie, Jonas said, “I was just blown away and kind of dumbfounded that I didn’t know about this beforehand, and it was just a life-changing experience.”

Jonas also used his musical talents in a duet with Khalid entitled “Not Alone,” which plays over the closing credits of the movie.

New York Post


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