Cops Spring Inmate From Jail To Help Owner Whose RV He Allegedly Stole

Olive Teague, 26, experienced a heartwarming yet bizarre reunion with her stolen RV, which had been taken from a Seattle street in December. The 1996 Ford F350 RV, her home and business base for The Seattle Mermaid School, vanished along with all her mermaid school equipment. Nearly four months later, Olive’s anticipation to reclaim her RV from the Aberdeen police was met with an unexpected twist when officers brought the jailed suspect to help start the vehicle.

The ignition of Olive’s RV had been severely damaged, and the police officers needed a creative solution. They turned to the man they had arrested for the theft, bringing him from jail to the station.

Olive filmed the surreal scene from the back, capturing the tattooed suspect, dressed in an orange jumpsuit, giving a step-by-step tutorial on how to start the engine.

Olive invested her life savings in the RV, which doubled as her home and storage for her business. The vehicle had only been in her possession for two weeks before it was stolen, prompting friends to launch a GoFundMe campaign to support her. The RV’s recovery, more than 1,300 miles away in Aberdeen, revealed that squatters had lived in it through the winter, leaving extensive damage in their wake.

The unexpected recovery process quickly went viral, garnering over 12 million views on TikTok. Olive’s video showed her friend’s and a police officer’s unsuccessful attempts to start the engine, leading to the officer’s decision to bring in the jailed suspect for assistance. The suspect’s patient guidance in restarting the engine was both comical and oddly touching.

As Olive continued to clean out the debris left by the squatters, she discovered a trove of items including drugs, guns, stolen jewelry, bike parts, hunting weapons, and even a raccoon trap.

The RV’s interior bore signs of fire damage, with deep burn marks on the walls, mattress, and carpets. Despite the mess, Olive remained determined to restore her home on wheels.

Olive described the experience as surreal. She never imagined she would find herself learning how to jump-start her RV from the very man who had stolen it. The suspect’s cooperation and the supportive police officers turned a frustrating situation into a moment of unexpected camaraderie and resourcefulness.

The TikTok video of the suspect patiently teaching Olive’s friend how to start the RV engine captured the internet’s attention. Commenters praised the police for their ingenuity and noted the suspect’s surprisingly helpful attitude. One commenter suggested that the suspect might have felt a sense of pride in sharing his knowledge.

The cleaning process was arduous, with Olive spending days removing grime and unpleasant surprises from the RV. Despite the challenges, she expressed relief at having her RV back. “I’d rather have my rig, cursed or not,” she wrote, highlighting her determination to reclaim her space and move forward.

Daily Mail