Giant Meteor Turns The Night Sky Blue – WATCH

Stargazers in Spain and Portugal were treated to a spectacular natural light show as a comet fragment turned the night sky into a dazzling display of green and blue hues. Captured on a car’s dashcam in Portugal, the fireball-shaped object with a long, radiant tail blazed across the sky before exploding, painting the horizon in vibrant shades of blue.

In Caceres, Spain, the European Space Agency (ESA) captured similar breathtaking footage of the celestial event. The ESA reported that the stunning meteor was traveling at an astonishing speed of 1,700mph. Despite initial confusion, the agency clarified that the object was a small piece of a comet, not a meteor.

This mesmerizing spectacle was caused by the comet fragment burning up over the Atlantic Ocean. NASA explained that the blue-green color observed was due to the presence of magnesium in the comet. When such fragments enter the Earth’s atmosphere and burn, they create this striking coloration, adding an extraordinary touch to the nighttime sky.

The likelihood of any meteorites being found from this event is very low, according to the ESA. Nevertheless, the celestial display left a lasting impression on those who witnessed it, with many describing the scene as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The event in Spain and Portugal is reminiscent of other recent fireball sightings around the globe. Just recently, a mysterious blazing fireball lit up the night sky in China before shattering into smaller pieces as it approached the ground. The brilliant light briefly turned night into day, creating a similar sense of awe and wonder.

On the same night as the Chinese sighting, another fireball was observed in Gansu province, nearly 1,000 miles away from Beijing. This has led to speculation about whether these events are related, with some suggesting they could be space debris from the International Space Station or other sources.

In California, a few weeks ago, a similar sighting occurred when a chunk of a Chinese spacecraft reentered the Earth’s atmosphere. This dazzling object, visible from Sacramento to San Diego, sparked a wave of UFO conspiracy theories. However, experts quickly identified the object as part of the Shenzhou 15 orbital module.

Astrophysicist and satellite expert Jonathan McDowell confirmed on social media that the California sighting was indeed the reentry of the Shenzhou 15 module. His confirmation helped to quell the speculation and provided clarity on the event, which had left many residents puzzled.

The U.S. Sun