Ryan Seacrest Reveals His Achilles’ Heel on ‘Wheel of Fortune

After 43 years on the air, Pat Sajak announced his retirement from “Wheel of Fortune” in June 2023. The beloved game show host has been a staple in American households, becoming a companion and best friend to many with his smooth and seamless hosting style.

As the news of his retirement spread, fans were left wondering who would be able to fill Sajak’s big shoes. Well, the wait is over, as it has been announced that Ryan Seacrest will be taking over as the new host of “Wheel of Fortune.”

Seacrest is no stranger to the world of hosting, with years of experience under his belt. However, he acknowledges the challenge of stepping in for Sajak, who has made such an impact on the show and the country. Seacrest has nothing but respect and admiration for what Sajak has been able to achieve in his 41 years on the show. He recognizes that no one can truly replace Sajak, but he is excited to put his own spin on the classic show and continue to have fun with the contestants.

In June 2023, Seacrest was announced as Sajak’s successor, with the legendary host himself welcoming him to the “Wheel of Fortune” family. Sajak expressed his confidence in Seacrest, stating that he is ready to continue the legacy of the show. Seacrest, in turn, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity and his eagerness to learn from Sajak during the transition.

With the taping of Sajak’s final episode completed earlier this month, fans got a sneak peek of Seacrest on the set in a 10-second ad. In the clip, Seacrest can be seen walking near the contestants, looking around in awe, further fueling the excitement for his debut as the new host.

He is also joined by Vanna White, who has been with “Wheel of Fortune” for 40 years. The two of them made a TV crossover on “American Idol,” where White appeared as a guest to introduce a finalist.

In an interview at the “American Idol” Top 10 Tastemaker Event at the Aster hotel in Hollywood, Seacrest spoke about his new role and his admiration for Sajak. He shared his excitement about being able to give away cash and prizes on “Wheel of Fortune,” while “American Idol” gives away a future in music.

As the show enters its final episodes and the top 10 contestants are selected, Seacrest admitted that it is getting harder for him to see the field of musical hopefuls narrow down, making it difficult for him to pick favorites.

Seacrest also addressed the departure of judge Katy Perry, who is moving on from the show after this season.

He praised her for bringing an amazing generosity and love to the show and hoped that whoever comes in to replace her will have a similar impact. As for who will join the panel of judges next season, Seacrest revealed that they are still deciding and hope to make a decision soon.

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