Netflix Employee Mysteriously Disappears

In a puzzling turn of events, Yohanes Kidane, a promising 22-year-old computer scientist who recently graduated from Cornell University and had landed a dream job at Netflix, has gone missing under mysterious circumstances shortly after his move to California. According to concerned friends and family, Kidane vanished after being last seen entering an Uber at 28 North Fourth Street in San Jose around 7:15 p.m. PT on Monday.

The young software engineer had shared alarming concerns with friends just days prior, recounting an unsettling rideshare experience that had left him wary of riding alone again. In this previous incident, an Uber driver had diverted him from his intended destination, insisting on an alternative location for safety reasons. Kidane texted a friend during the ordeal, hinting that he might be in trouble and expressing unease about the situation.

“The Uber driver insisted, if it was an actual Uber driver, that instead of taking him to the location that he needed to be, he’s like, ‘Oh, I’m going to take you to Oakland. It’s much safer there,'” Farmer said. “And he just wouldn’t let Yohanes go where he needed to go. So they took him to downtown Oakland. I guess he eventually got back to his apartment or wherever he lives, but that was pretty suspicious.”

Kidane’s belongings, including his phone and wallet, were discovered at the Golden Gate Bridge the following Tuesday by a concerned citizen who attempted to return them. Subsequently, a police officer found Kidane’s backpack at the same location. Notably, his laptop remained untouched within the backpack. The baffling series of events deepened when it was revealed that Kidane had not reported to work on Tuesday or Wednesday, raising even more questions about his whereabouts.

“What we do know is that he was on camera leaving the apartment building getting into an Uber Monday evening,” said Yosief Kidane, Yohanes’ older brother. “We know that his belongings, his phone, and his wallet, were found at the Golden Gate Bridge Tuesday morning by a citizen, who collected them and tried to help us return them to him. We know that an officer found his backpack at the Golden Gate Bridge later Tuesday afternoon, and we know that he was never at home at work on Tuesday or Wednesday.”

Family, friends, and fellow Cornell alumni have rallied to form a dedicated search effort, traveling to the Bay Area to assist in the search for Kidane. They have employed the services of a private investigator and are urging anyone with potential information to come forward. The close relationship between Kidane and his older brother, Yosief Kidane, was highlighted; they were often mistaken for twins due to their striking resemblance and inseparable bond.

San Jose Police are leading a collaborative investigation into the disappearance, involving multiple agencies. Despite their efforts, the details surrounding Kidane’s vanishing remain elusive. Authorities have appealed to the public for assistance and are encouraging anyone with relevant information to contact them at 408-277-8900.

A GoFundMe campaign has been established by a friend to raise funds for the search operation, reflecting the widespread concern and commitment to bringing Kidane home safely. As the investigation continues, the fate of the young computer scientist hangs in the balance, leaving his loved ones and the public anxiously awaiting answers to the perplexing enigma.

Fox News


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