Kristen Bell Admits Making A BIG Mistake With Kids After Leaving For A Red Carpet Event – WHOOPS!

Kristen Bell, actress, and singer had to face two disappointed children when she forgot to perform an important task before heading out for a red carpet event.

For such nights, her daughters have one specific demand-leave cookies.

Bell, 42, shared the funny response she received from her daughters Delta, 7, and Lincoln, 9, when she and her husband, Dax Shepard, attended the premiere of her new comedy, “The People We Hate at the Wedding,” in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Bell told ET, “They’re now at the age when they’re fine when I leave, which is great, but I did get four different voice memos on my phone on the way here about the fact that we didn’t have Oreos.”

“They had been counting on Oreos and what a huge disappointment I was because I had not re-stocked the Oreos.”

“Can you blame ‘em? It’s a good cookie,” she added.

Lincoln and Delta, partners in crime, must get their prank/comedic attitudes from their parents, and not they’re paying the price.

In September, the girls played a prank on Bell. While seeming to do a kind gesture for their mother, the girls decided to make what appeared to be cinnamon-sugar toast, however, it was actually sprinkled with cayenne pepper.


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In another prank, her daughters played a prank that didn’t end so well for them.

“They got me real good. I was making dinner, they were being nice to each other, I knew something was wrong,” she said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She continued saying, “I’m so suspicious. We walk into my room, I pull back my sheets. They have dumped easily a gallon of water onto my mattress. It was saturated. And then tucked into their sheets they also put pumpkins and a bunch of their dirty underwear.”

Though the girls thought they were being funny, the joke ended in a serious chat and cleaning up, Bell said.

In a recent episode of “The Endless Honeymoon Podcast,” Dax Shepard, 47, said of their girls, “Our kids are so privileged beyond belief. It rattles both of us being from very modest backgrounds.”

He went on to say that in order to help keep them grounded, Lincoln and Delta sleep in the same room and “have to share everything.”


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