Jennifer Lopez Shares Why 2022 Was Her “Best Year” Since Her Kids Were Born

It’s been a big year for Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, who have been together since April 2021. After the couple announced their engagement in April 2022 and got married in Las Vegas in July 2022, JLo says it has been her “best year since [her] kids were born.”

During Lopez’s appearance on the Today show Monday, she discussed the “emotional transition” of moving in with Affleck and their children. She said, “We moved in together, the kids moved in together, so it’s been like a really kind of emotional transition. But at the same time… all your dreams coming true, it’s just been a phenomenal year. Best year, I think, since my kids were born.”

Lopez and Affleck’s journey has been documented through social media, with Lopez recently taking to Instagram to share a sweet reel of her highlights from the past year. The video featured clips and behind-the-scenes photos from her year, including the planning of her private wedding and intimate moments with her fiancé.

In the reel, Lopez is seen smiling and looking at conceptual illustrations for her weddings as a highlight of May. She also shared snaps of them kissing behind a film set, enjoying the 2022 Super Bowl, and having lunch together at a restaurant.

The music superstar also recently teamed up with Josh Duhamel for their new movie Shotgun Wedding, which is set for release on Friday, January 27th. Lopez and Duhamel discussed the film on the Today show, with Duhamel jokingly telling Lopez that he’s “probably loved [Affleck] longer than you have.”

It’s clear that 2022 has been a very special year for Lopez and Affleck, and they are looking forward to what 2023 has in store. As Lopez said in her Instagram caption, “I cannot wait for all that’s to come next year…”


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