Reporter Stunned After What A Good Samaritan Did When He Saw A Horrific Crash , ‘You’ve Got To Wonder How Anyone…

One look at pictures of the bus crash in Forest Hills, Pennsylvania, Wednesday, and it’s any wonder how anyone could have survived.

But a good Samaritan, Kenny Ferree, was quick to jump into action and helped save the driver’s life.

Kenny Ferree told WXPI-TV he was driving with his wife when they suddenly heard a loud crash and then saw yellow debris scattering everywhere.

A school bus had crashed and wrapped itself around a pole. The vehicle was so mangled and demolished it was barely recognizable. Tires were detached, and a portion of the bus was completely separated from the rest of the bus.

Ferree immediately pulled over and came to the rescue of the bus driver. Thankfully the driver was the only person on the bus after having recently dropped the children off at their school.


Ferree bravely crawled into the wreckage to offer help and assess the situation. Ferree described the scene, which is a shocking depiction of how dire the situation really was.

Ferree told WXPI-TV, “When you looked over, you could not believe that anything or anybody was left. I saw the windshield. The front hood assembly, the front axle, just rolling down the street, this big plume of smoke. It was a school bus.”

He continued saying, “It was split like a banana.”

The driver had sustained serious injuries and had blood streaming down his face, so Ferree took off his sweatshirt and wrapped it around the man’s head. Ferree talked to the injured driver until help arrived at the scene.

While reporting Wednesday outside of the crash scene, KDKA-TV reporter Ross Guidotti said, “Quite frankly, if anybody looks at this, you’ve got to wonder how the driver even survived.”

The driver was taken to an area hospital in stable condition.

Allegheny County police are investigating the cause of the crash.



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