Chinese Food Turns Family Feud Into A Brawl

Apparently, there’s an unwritten rule- don’t eat another man’s Chinese food whether it’s marked or not. At least that’s a rule that should have been followed for the Schell Family.

A domestic dispute over Chinese takeout food ended with a Florida man and his daughter being criminally charged.

Investigators say that a fight broke out Friday evening at the Schell residence in Wildwood, Florida.  The home is inhabited by Bruce Schell, 51, his wife, daughter Atlantis, and his son, who the police identified as the victim.

As reported by the Wildwood Police Department, the Schell family had “ordered Chinese food but the takeout containers were not labeled,” this upset Schell because he did not know “which container of food was his.”

As reported by The Smoking Gun,

Schell’s son, police reported, said that he argued with his father and sister over the Chinese food “due to the fact that the victim had eaten [his father’s] food unknowingly.” The dispute turned violent, the victim said, when his sister began punching him in the face. Schell then allegedly joined the fracas, putting his son in a chokehold.

Schell’s wife told police that she was in her bedroom when she heard “crashing and yelling in the kitchen area.” When Schell’s wife came out to see what the commotion was, she recalled that she saw her daughter, Atlantis, 25, battering the victim, who was also being choked by Schell, his father. The beating, the wife added, did not end until after she called 911 and the police arrived on the scene.

The police noted the victim had “visible red marks on the front side of his neck” and “fresh bruising/redness on his left eye.” The police also added that neither Schell nor his daughter “appeared to have any marks or bruises from this incident.”

Both Schell and his daughter, Atlantis, were arrested for misdemeanor battery. Schell was also charged with a felony-domestic battery by strangulation.

The Smoking Gun


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