Baby Name Controversy Explodes: Goes Viral After Sister-In-Law Gets What She Asked For

We know the jokes about mother-in-laws, but two women have caused family drama to blow up not only in their family but on social media.  What about?  Baby names, apparently and the comments online have weighed in on the clash.

On Reddit, a woman explained she’s expecting a baby with her husband, however, the 27-year-old went on to say that her sister-in-law, 34, has four kids and is also expecting another baby.

You can feel the familial tension as the woman said, “She is the definition of a ‘crunchy’ mom,” and then went on to say that her sister-in-law homeschools her children, is vegan, does not allow electronics in the home, and uses all-natural products her kids.

The woman also said that her sister-in-law “wanted her kids to have unique names and not basic names.”

She posted, “All her kids have ridiculous names.” As she made fun of her niece’s and nephew’s names – she posted them online with their phonetic pronunciations – “Baryleen” (pronounced Bryalin), “Falkin” (pronounced Falcon), “Rorai” (pronounced Rorie) and “Kelvin” (pronounced Calvin).

The woman and her husband are planning on naming their son, “James”. Apparently, That’s when her sister-in-law went on a long tirade about how their baby is “going to have a basic name and not be memorable.”

The woman continues her tale saying, “My sister-in-law asked me what my opinion was [of] her naming her next baby ‘Astra,’ ‘Inky’ or ‘Lore,’.”

“I told her she was naming kids, not dogs, and [that] her kids are going to hate their names once they get older,” she wrote.

“She got really mad and began screaming at me that I was rude and kids’ names are more than just a name,” she said. “She stormed out of my house after this.”

With the support of her husband, the woman ended her post with, “I’m so sick of her mom-shaming me.”

The baby name shamming quickly garnered over 1,500 comments in under 24 hours, with one person saying, “She asked your opinion — you delivered.”

Another person commented, “My sister picks ‘semi-out there’ names. But she’s never once asked my opinion or criticized my kids’ names.”

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