WATCH-Teen Has An Up Close Encounter With A Sea Lion- You Won’t Believe What Happens!

15-year-old Ethan Becker experienced a wildlife encounter with a wild sea lion- and experienced a moment that he will never forget while he was on vacation this summer.

Becker was snorkeling with his dad Chuck who is 47 when they spotted a sea lion heading straight toward them.

Although it could have been a potentially dangerous situation, the friendly sea lion just wanted to play with Ethan and his dad caught it all on film.

Chuck remained cautious, but got out his underwater camera and began recording after he realized his son was in no danger and the curious animal seemed to want to play.

Ethan and his father were snorkeling in the Gulf of California off the coast of Mexico when a curious sea lion approached.  Ethan allowed the mammal to embrace him and hold on in what seemed like a slow dance for almost a minute before it swam over to have a look at Chuck.

The video shows the sea lion playfully biting a stray part of the teenager’s diving suit, before swimming around him some more.

Ethan continues to interact with and pet the sea lion. The sea lion which seems to be in no hurry keeps on somersaulting while paying close attention to the teenager.

After inspecting all of Ethan’s equipment, it moved onto Chuck’s flippers. Eventually, the animal swam away and left Ethan and Chuck in awe of what had just happened.

Ethan, who lives in Washington with his dad, described the moment as one he’d never forget.

Ethan said, “I don’t really know how to describe it as I was just totally taken back. It felt so euphoric in that moment that I almost forgot to put the snorkel in my mouth so I could breathe!”

He continued saying, “Looking back, I probably should have been more scared of being bit. But if I was ever given the chance, I’d definitely dive there again.”


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