NFL Star Goes “Fowl” on Thanksgiving: Watch His Hilarious Stunt!

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle brought a touch of Thanksgiving spirit to the postgame interview following the team’s 31-13 triumph over the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night. Kittle, who played a key role in the victory, was seen sprinting away from the interview with Melissa Stark while holding a platter of turkey. The festive moment continued as he reached the tunnel by the locker room, where he threw a turkey leg from the platter toward 49ers fans who had made the trip to Seattle.

Teammate Deebo Samuel also joined in the celebration, tossing a turkey leg into the stands. The light-hearted gesture added an element of entertainment to the evening, following the 49ers’ third consecutive win and a significant NFC West victory. With the win, the 49ers now lead the Seahawks by two games, setting the stage for a highly anticipated rematch on December 10.

Running back Christian McCaffrey played a pivotal role in the victory, amassing 139 total yards and scoring two touchdowns. McCaffrey expressed his satisfaction with the postgame turkey celebration, stating, “That was a satisfying turkey.”

In contrast, the Seahawks faced offensive struggles, with quarterback Geno Smith throwing for 180 yards and an interception. The absence of starting running back Kenneth Walker, sidelined due to an oblique strain, contributed to the Seahawks’ challenges.

The 49ers’ dominance on both offense and defense created a jubilant atmosphere, culminating in the unexpected turkey leg tosses. Looking ahead, the 49ers will face the 9-1 Philadelphia Eagles, the only team ahead of them in the NFC, while the Seahawks, after their third loss in four games, will travel to Dallas for a Thursday night game. The victory solidifies the 49ers’ standing in the competitive NFC and sets the stage for crucial matchups in the weeks to come.

NY Post