Heartless Judiciary Refuses to Let Parents Save Dying Baby by Taking Her Abroad

A panel of judges in the United Kingdom has denied an appeal from parents seeking to transfer their 8-month-old daughter, Indi Gregory, to Italy for treatment of a rare mitochondrial disease. The judges ruled that Italy’s desire to bring Indi for treatment under Hague Convention rules was “wholly misconceived” and “not in the spirit of the convention.” Although Italy has granted the infant citizenship and offered assistance, the Court of Appeal upheld a prior decision from Justice Robert Peel, stating that Indi must be taken off life support.

The parents, backed by the Christian Legal Centre, had requested permission to leave the U.K. for treatment, emphasizing their pursuit of the best possible care for their daughter’s rare condition. The court’s decision has led to frustration and disappointment for the parents, who feel their plea for treatment in Italy, where government support is available, has been unfairly rejected.

Dean Gregory, Indi’s father, expressed dissatisfaction with the court’s ruling, stating that he and his wife have consistently sought what is in Indi’s best interests, emphasizing her right to quality treatment. He questioned why, if the UK was unwilling to fund the treatment, Indi could not receive care in Italy, as offered by the Italian government.

Lord Justice Peter Jackson, Lady Justice Eleanor King, and Lord Justice Andrew Moylan, forming the panel, also denied the parents’ request to bring Indi home if life support were to be removed. The case has raised ethical and medical concerns, with the parents expressing frustration over perceived limitations on parental rights and financial considerations within the UK’s healthcare system.

Daily Wire