Woman Receives Praise Over How She Handled Atrocious Airline Behavior By Passenger – What Would You Do?

Food blogger Julie Christensen was having a bad hair day… but not with her own hair.

Christensen was traveling on an Aegean Airlines flight from Athens to Amsterdam when suddenly, a woman’s hair nearly fell into her drink when the passenger in front of Christensen threw her long brown trusses over the back of the seat.

The passenger behind the flinging hair culprit happened to be food blogger and traveler- Julie Christensen.

Christensen captured the moment in a TikTok Video and questioned the passenger’s travel etiquette.

What’s even more shocking is that the passenger left her hair over the seat for most of the trip, Christensen stated in an interview with Fox News Digital.

“I was like, ‘Is this normal?’” she questioned.

At one point, you can see the long brunette’s hair reach Christensen’s tray table and even brush the top of her coffee cup.

Christensen said she was too tired to confront the woman. Apparently, their flight had already been delayed. However, she did find the behavior a little odd.

Christensen said, “She had beautiful, newly washed hair, and I would never throw my newly washed hair around in an airplane. I think it’s very weird.”

Still, the Norwegian social media influencer decided to record the moment, which she later posted on TikTok.

The video went viral and now has over 5 million views.

TikTok users attacked the unidentifiable woman for her poor manners.

One user said, “If only scissors were allowed on planes. 🤣”

Others encouraged Christensen to act out by dipping the woman’s hair in her coffee cup.  However, Christensen stated that is something she would “never do.”

“People get fired up because it’s a very rude thing to do,” she said. “Maybe other people would’ve reacted differently or even aggressively to this, but, for me, I’m used to it. I just found it really cute and funny.”

Christensen encouraged the importance of always trying to “be nice” to others, especially in situations like this one.

An etiquette expert- Jacqueline Whitmore, agreed with that.

Founder, and director of The Protocol School of Palm Beach, Whitmore told Fox News Digital in an interview that the polite way to approach such a situation is with kindness.

“Anything can be handled if you say it kindly,” she said.

If the person does not correct the behavior when approached kindly, Whitmore then suggested that alerting a flight attendant would be the appropriate next step.

Whitmore suggested, “I would say something like, ‘Excuse me, your beautiful hair is getting in my coffee.'”

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