White House Shock: Cocaine Found But Culprit Remains A Mystery

The U.S. Secret Service has concluded an investigation into the cocaine found in the White House complex earlier this month, without identifying a potential suspect. Republican members of the House Oversight Committee have deemed the investigation a ‘complete failure’ after the precise culprit remained a mystery.

Federal investigators reported that the drug was discovered in a storage locker located inside the West Wing executive entrance on July 2, 2020. It is believed that the 1 gram of cocaine was held in one of the 182 lockers, with the key missing. There were reportedly no security cameras in the area and no way to identify the person who left the substance there.

This failure to uncover the puzzling source of the illegal narcotic led GOP representatives Tim Burchett, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert to express dissatisfaction at a recent congressional briefing. Rep. Burchett have a particularly strong reaction and stormed out of the room after challenging the conclusion given by the Secret Service. He stated that the snafu highlighted difficulties with the Biden White House, saying, “Every time there’s something strange going on with President Biden or his family, or anything regarding his administration…no one can ever seem to find an answer. This is one of the most secure locations in the world, some of the best law enforcement officers in the world — and they don’t have any answers.”

The unsuccessful conclusion to the White House cocaine discovery has further raised questions about the security measures that are in place. GOP Representative Lamar Bobert highlighted her constitutional concerns about drug testing, whilst Rep. Nancy Mace brought up the fact that it was the third drug-related incident in the White House this year.

Another Republican doctoring the briefing, Rep. Nancy Mace stated, “Washington, D.C is a trash can. Everyone wants to pick and choose. They may need to turn it upside down, put the dadgum garden hose to it, and clean it out.”

New York Post


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