WATCH: This Amazon Driver Escaped a Horrifying Situation: What He Did Next Is Incredible

In a frightening story that has gone viral, Amazon delivery driver Charles Amicangelo recounted his harrowing experience of falling 13 feet into a septic tank while delivering a package in Apple Valley, California.

On Tuesday, Amicangelo appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to share the details of his incident. While on the customer’s property, Amicangelo noticed a hole in the ground, and while on the way back to his truck, the ground suddenly gave way beneath him and he plunged into the septic tank.

“Even though I kept a bit of a distance from the hole, I still managed to fall in because of the ground collapsing under my feet,” Amicangelo said. A video that has been shared on social media shows Amicangelo standing within the septic tank surrounded by dirt and large roots.

Amicangelo said that he attempted to use the roots to get out, but the effort only caused more dirt to fall on top of him. He then called dispatch for help and was eventually rescued.

“I tried using these roots around me to get out [but] it just pulled more dirt on top of me,” he said. “I just called dispatch, so hopefully, they are going to get the cops or the fire department here because I definitely don’t want to try climbing out on my own again.”

Rather than take a break, Amicangelo decided to go back to work after being rescued. When asked if he considered taking the day off and having a beer, Amicangelo said he did consider it.

However, Amicangelo credited his time in the Marine Corps for teaching him to always complete his mission and he also did not want to inconvenience other drivers who had already completed their routes.

Fox News


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