WATCH: Eagle Eyed Paraglider Looks Down Then Turns Into A Woman’s Guardian Angel

Paraglider Christiano Piquet, 45, was taking a morning flight through Florida when he made an emergency landing to rescue a woman who was clinging to her submerged car in a canal.

Piquet, who spotted the struggling woman, said he was up in the air for his typical pre-church flight along with his friend.

In a video posted to his Instagram, he said, “I’m flying with my friend Sunday before church like we always do.”

Piquet was able to document the entire event with his GoPro, which he had been using to record his flight.

The two men were flying in the area on what Piquet said was not their usual path when he noticed something strange.

Piquet said he noticed splashing in a canal and turned himself around to get a better look.

Piquet, a realtor from Miami, said he thought it was some alligators or crocodiles. He didn’t expect to find a submerged vehicle with a woman on top who was screaming for help.


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