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HGTV’s design expert Ty Pennington, renowned for his appearances on shows like “Trading Spaces” and “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” experienced a major health scare earlier this week that landed him in the emergency room. The 58-year-old TV star took to Instagram on Friday to share the details of his hospitalization, including photos of himself intubated.

In his social media post, Pennington began by stating, “From the red carpet, to the ICU… this last week has been interesting!” He revealed that a few days after attending the premiere of the “Barbie” movie, he woke up at 4 am struggling to breathe. What he initially thought was a persistent sore throat turned out to be an abscess that had grown to such a size that it was obstructing his airway. Pennington was promptly intubated and flown to the ICU in Denver.

On Wednesday, he underwent surgery to address the issue and was released from the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday afternoon. Pennington expressed his gratitude to the hospital staff for their care and emphasized the importance of listening to one’s body when it signals that something is wrong.

According to his representative, Pennington is now on the road to recovery and feeling good. He has been discharged from the hospital and will spend the next 10 days recuperating before returning to work on HGTV. The rep also confirmed Pennington’s involvement in the upcoming HGTV show “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge,” where he will compete with eight other teams to transform a South California home into a life-size version of Barbie’s famous pink abode.

In his social media posts, Pennington shared a series of photos documenting his health scare. One picture showed him giving a thumbs-up while lying in a hospital bed with wires attached to his gown. He also posted a photo of himself intubated at the Denver hospital. In the final snapshot, Pennington was seen relaxing in a chair, pointing at the camera while holding a hospital cup.


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Ty Pennington first gained recognition when he joined the cast of “Trading Spaces” in 2000, captivating audiences with his design skills and charismatic personality. He went on to host “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” from 2004 to 2012. Currently, Pennington is in the fourth season of his new show, “Rock the Block,” and also serves as the host of HGTV’s “Battle on the Beach.”

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