The Young Married Couple Was Almost Homeless & Made A Big Sacrifice But It Ends Up Paying Off

Nick Lucido and his wife, Meghan, were young professionals living in a 2,000-square-foot home in Cummings, Georgia.

The young professionals thought they had it all, two new cars, and a brand new home but then the pandemic hit.

“We never missed a mortgage payment,” Nick told The Post. “We were both just really young — young professionals. And we had two brand new cars, brand new house, and we were just over our head in debt.”

In March of 2020, the couple sold their home and purchased 8.46 acres of land for $40,000.

“We saw a two-story shed in the Home Depot parking lot, and said, ‘I think we could make that work.’”

According to Nick, the couple lived in a camper until they purchased the shed and turned it into a home. In a social media post, the couple revealed that making the change led to them being debt-free and paying off $82,000 in nine months.

“If you go to any Home Depot, at least in the southeast, you go inside of their parking lot, you’ll typically see sheds … this right here is actually a tiny home, Tuff shed from Home Depot, two stories, 860 square feet, one-bedroom, full kitchen, full living room, the porch, then of course we got a chicken coop back there … a deck with our above-ground pool and a trampoline for the little one, of course,” Nick said in a social media post giving a full tour of the home.


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After getting debt free and saving up some money, the couple flipped the property they placed the shed on and sold it for $312,000.

“The ability to pay off everything, move into a camper, and literally be debt-free was the most freeing experience that I think anyone can ever experience,” Nick explained. “It put us in a position where we could buy some land, and we moved the camper to the land while we were building that little shed.”

“And that was when COVID hit and the market started doing crazy things. And that is when we had a guy come by and offer us money more than we could ever imagine.”

The couple, now out of debt, is building their dream home on a new property.

CBS News


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