Pop Star Says She’s Done. Tired Of Being ‘The Butt of The Joke Every Single Time’

Pop sensation and rapper Lizzo took to Instagram late on Friday night to express her frustration with the constant mockery she faces over her weight, signaling that she may be considering leaving either her music career or social media altogether.

In a heartfelt post, she lamented the relentless criticism she endures from both people in her life and online. Lizzo voiced her desire to focus on making music and spreading joy, but she indicated feeling increasingly unwelcome in a world where she is continuously subjected to ridicule and falsehoods for the sake of attention and views.

Expressing exhaustion with being the subject of jokes due to her appearance, Lizzo conveyed her distress at having her character dissected by individuals who are unfamiliar with her true self.

She emphasized feeling misrepresented and disrespected, stating that she did not sign up for such treatment. Concluding her post with a definitive declaration of “I QUIT,” Lizzo’s words hinted at a potential departure from her career path. This is not the first time Lizzo has hinted at such a decision, as she previously mentioned considering quitting music last summer due to similar issues.

In her previous remarks, Lizzo had expressed frustration with the constant scrutiny over her weight and appearance. She rejected the notion that being fat is a deliberate part of her public persona, asserting that her body is simply a reflection of her natural self, regardless of efforts to maintain health through clean eating and exercise.

She chastised those who reduce her identity to her size, emphasizing that her weight is not a defining aspect of her “brand.”

Lizzo’s candid reflections on social media have sparked conversations about body image, self-acceptance, and the pressures faced by celebrities in the age of online scrutiny.

Her willingness to speak out against the relentless criticism and unfair treatment she experiences has garnered both support and attention from fans and the public alike. Many have praised her courage in addressing these sensitive issues and standing up for herself in the face of adversity.

As Lizzo grapples with the toll of constant judgment and mockery, her future in the music industry and online sphere remains uncertain.

Her willingness to confront these challenges head-on suggests a resilience that may ultimately guide her through this turbulent period.

The Daily Wire