Officer Saves Woman From Gunman in Heart-Stopping Traffic Stop – Watch!

In a recent incident that unfolded on a South Carolina highway, Officer Wallace of the North Myrtle Beach Police Department demonstrated exemplary bravery and quick thinking as she rescued a distressed woman from the clutches of a kidnapping and shooting suspect. The harrowing incident serves as a testament to the dedication and valor exhibited by law enforcement officers who selflessly protect and serve their communities.

On Sunday, May 28, around 5:30 a.m., Officer Wallace observed a white Jeep running a red light at a busy intersection on U.S. Highway 17. Officer Wallace pulled over the vehicle and noticed a female driver accompanied by a male passenger. In a silent plea for help, the woman repeatedly mouthed the words “help me” to Officer Wallace, who astutely grasped the gravity of the situation.

Responding swiftly to the woman’s plea, Officer Wallace removed the male passenger from the vehicle and secured him in the back of her patrol car. Returning to the Jeep, she engaged in conversation with the frantic woman, who revealed that the male suspect had not only shot someone but had also coerced her into acting as his getaway driver. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Officer Wallace promptly issued a “Be On The Lookout” alert to apprehend the vehicle involved in the shooting.

The male passenger was later identified as 29-year-old Collins Bates, who was arrested in connection with a shooting outside a popular restaurant in the Myrtle Beach area. Authorities discovered an unlawfully carried handgun beneath Bates’ seat, which matched the caliber of the casing recovered outside the crime scene. Bates now faces serious charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping.

Suspect 29-year-old Collins Bates

The North Myrtle Beach Police Department commended Officer Wallace for her proactive patrol efforts, which led to the swift capture of the shooting suspect and the recovery of the illegal firearm. The department emphasized the significance of Officer Wallace’s dedication, even during the final moments of her shift. Her decisive actions ensured the safety of the victim and helped bring an alleged criminal to justice.


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