NFL Team Owner Shocking Behavior During Made Game Land Him In Hot Water

According to a video posted on X by NFL Rumors, Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper may have had a meltdown during the team’s 26-0 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on New Year’s Eve.

The video shows Tepper appearing to throw the remnants of his drink at an unruly Jaguars fan.

The incident came amidst a season filled with disappointment for the Panthers, who finished with a dismal record of 2-14. The team struggled under rookie quarterback Bryce Young, who showed flashes of potential but was plagued by inconsistent play and a lack of support from his teammates. The Panthers finished at the bottom of the NFL in total offense, averaging only 14.8 points per game.

The video of Tepper’s actions quickly spread on social media, with many questioning the owner’s behavior.

The post from NFL Rumors labeled the incident as Tepper “throwing a drink” at the fan, and also referenced a possible insult directed at the fan’s mother.

The NFL has since released a statement saying they are “aware” of the incident, but it is unclear if Tepper’s actions are in violation of the league’s Personal Conduct Policy. As of now, the Panthers have not made a statement regarding the incident.

Tepper’s actions are an alarming display from a team owner, but they may also be a reflection of the frustration and disappointment felt by the entire Panthers organization.

The team had high hopes for the season with a new quarterback at the helm, but ultimately were unable to achieve success on the field.

The Panthers have a lot of work to do in the offseason to turn their team around, and it remains to be seen if Tepper’s outburst will result in any consequences from the league or the team.

As for now, the focus will remain on the future of the Panthers and their hopes for a better season next year.

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