MLB Pitcher Steps In It With Tweet On United Airlines Fiasco

An MLB star has recently called out United Airlines after a member of staff allegedly made his wife get on the floor to clean up the mess made by the couple’s two-year-old child.

Anthony Bass, a pitcher for the Blue Jays in the MLB, took to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction over the incident. He wrote: “The flight attendant @united just made my 22 week pregnant wife traveling with a 5 year old and 2 year old get on her hands and knees to pick up the popcorn mess by my youngest daughter. Are you kidding me?!?!”

The tweet sparked a debate over who should be responsible for cleaning up the mess. One person asked: “Genuinely curious who should clean up the mess your 2 year old made? As a parent of three kids I am the one responsible for them.” To which Bass replied: “The cleaning crew they hire!”

United Airlines responded to the tweet, saying that they wish to look into the incident and that Bass should contact them with further information.

Not everyone was sympathetic to Bass’s outrage, however, with one person writing: “Won’t lie, the fact that the flight attendant had the guts to make the passenger clean up their own MESS kinda makes me wanna fly United more.”

Short-haul flights often have a quick turnaround time before the plane has to take off again, meaning that the crew does not always have time to carry out extensive cleaning. Another user clarified: “The flight attendant was making sure the next passengers had a tidy seating area for their flight, but Karen thinks they should get down on their hands and knees to clean up after everyone’s kids or get fired.”

A former flight attendant commented on the debate, saying: “A flight attendant is there for safety, not to pick up after you or your children. As a former flight attendant, I speak from experience.”

Bass has been playing in the MLB for 12 years and has appeared in seven games this season, earning a 7.11 ERA (earned run average) in 6 ? ? innings.

It would seem that Bass’s tweet has backfired, with the majority of people agreeing that it is the responsibility of the parents to clean up their own children’s mess.



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