Katy Perry’s Backup Singer Rejects ‘Stardom’ For This!

Christian singer Tasha Layton, known for her powerful vocals and inspiring Christian music, has shared her journey of faith and dedication to God amidst the temptations of pop stardom. The former American Idol contestant and back-up singer for superstar Katy Perry revealed that she turned down a chance at mainstream fame to pursue her calling in Christian music.

Layton’s latest release, titled “Never,” is gaining momentum on the Christian music charts, reflecting her personal journey of turning to God during challenging times. In a candid interview with Fox News, she spoke about her aspirations of being in full-time ministry and starting a family. However, as the years passed, she questioned whether God had forgotten her, leading her to seek solace in her faith.

The singer recalled a turning point in her life when she auditioned for American Idol with friends just for fun. To her surprise, she was selected, but neither she nor her friends made it to the winner’s circle. Shortly after, she was offered the opportunity to audition as a backup singer for pop sensation Kesha. Despite the seemingly attractive offer, Layton followed her intuition and declined the offer, feeling that it wasn’t the right path for her.

Fate intervened once more when she received a call to audition as a backup singer for Katy Perry. She impressed Perry and her team, earning herself a spot in the pop star’s entourage. Although Layton was exposed to the glitzy world of fame and fortune, she found herself yearning for a deeper connection with God through her music.

After her experience with Perry, music producers saw potential in Layton to become the next Katy Perry and offered her mainstream deals with fame and fortune. However, Layton firmly stood her ground, turning down these lucrative opportunities to remain true to her faith and her desire to connect people to God through her music.

Layton’s unwavering commitment to her Christian values and the pursuit of serving God has led her to create music that resonates with audiences on a profound level. She hopes that her story will inspire others to see God’s hand in their lives and find comfort and strength in their own faith journeys.




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