Jimmie Johnson Speaks Out On Shocking Family Tragedy

In a devastating turn of events, the family of former NASCAR driver Jimmie Johnson has been left in mourning after a suspected triple murder-suicide took place at a residence in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The incident, which occurred on June 26, involved the deaths of Terry Lynn Janway, her husband Jack Janway, and their 11-year-old grandson Dalton Janway.

Jimmie Johnson, a seven-time NASCAR champion, expressed his family’s heartbreak in his first public statement since the tragedy. Taking to his social media profiles, Johnson conveyed his gratitude for the overwhelming support his family received during this unimaginably difficult time.


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The chain of events unfolded when a chilling call was made to the police from the Janway residence, reporting the presence of a gun. However, the call was abruptly cut off, leaving officers to respond urgently. Bodycam footage later revealed the grim scene that awaited them.

As police attempted to enter the house, they spotted Jack Janway’s lifeless arm protruding from under a blanket through a window. The situation escalated when a single gunshot echoed through the air, subsequently determined to be the result of Terry Janway’s self-inflicted shot.

Upon entering the home, officers found Jack Janway lying motionless in a hallway. Tragically, Dalton Janway’s lifeless body was also discovered with the aid of a K-9 unit. Nearby, Terry Janway was found unresponsive on a couch, a gun beside her, marking the devastating end to the suspected murder-suicide.

Jimmie Johnson’s connection to the Janway family lies in his marriage to Chandra Janway, Terry and Jack Janway’s daughter, whom he wed in 2004. The couple has two daughters together, making the loss even more profound.

Notably, this is not the first time tragedy has struck the Janway family. In 2014, Chandra’s younger brother, Jordan, lost his life in a skydiving incident in San Diego.

The heart-wrenching news led Johnson to withdraw from the Grant Park 220, a NASCAR event scheduled for July 2, as he mourned the loss of his extended family. The race, set to be a unique event through the streets of Chicago, would have been Johnson’s fourth race of the year in the top racing series.

After retiring from NASCAR in 2020, Johnson pursued a racing career with IndyCar’s Chip Ganassi Racing, participating in 29 races between the 2021 and 2022 seasons. His last race was in the NASCAR Cup Series at Charlotte on May 28.

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