Harrowing Video Shows Hero Cop Save 1 Week Old Infant, ‘The Baby Was Lifeless…

Louisville Metro Police officers Noah Cole and Nick Greene were inside a gas station when a man ran in and told them his baby, Emma, had stopped breathing.

The officers rushed outside, and bodycam footage shows them performing CPR to save the little one.

“The baby was in the mother’s hands, and it was lifeless at that point,” Greene later explained. “We didn’t know if she was breathing or anything at all.”

Both officers were relieved when the baby started to cry after Officer Greene initiated CPR.

“There we go. There we go. There we go,” Greene can be heard saying in the video.

“She started screaming, so that was a sign of relief,” Greene said.

“When we have our interviews into the police department, I’m pretty sure everybody says, ‘Hey, I want to help somebody,’” Cole said. “This is just one of the things that we do every day. We try to help somebody.”

Emma’s family shared pictures with WLKY, saying that she is home happy and healthy.

Baby Emma WLKY

This story is another fine example of the men and women who serve their community.

A North Carolina State Trooper was recently recognized for his actions during a traffic stop.

“Ma’am, do you know what speed you were doing?” Trooper Doty said to Ashlye Wilkerson. “I’m going to need your license and registration.”

Wilkerson’s father, Anthony Geddis, was also in the car and informed the officer she was bringing him back from cancer treatment.

“This is my baby girl. She’s driving me home from a chemo treatment at the cancer center at Duke,” Geddis said.

Doty had recently made a vow that he wanted to help someone recover from an illness after he had just recovered from a battle with cancer himself.

When Doty returned to the vehicle, he prayed with Geddis; the image has inspired thousands. 




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