Grooms ‘Unhinged’ Mom Hires Goons To Torment Bride During Wedding

Sonora, Mexico: A couple’s dream of the perfect wedding was shattered when the groom’s family reportedly launched a vicious campaign against their relationship. The couple, Alexandra and her boyfriend, had a fairy tale romance, but their different socio-economic backgrounds caused friction with the groom’s family from the start.

According to a Reddit post, the groom’s family believed that Alexandra was only with their wealthy son for his money. This led them to sabotage their relationship and launch a harassment campaign against Alexandra. The family even went as far as trying to bribe her with a blank check to leave her boyfriend.

Despite the constant complaints and rejection from the groom’s family, Alexandra continued to stand by her partner. But things took a wild turn when the couple announced their engagement. Upon hearing the news, the groom’s mother, Maupe, faked a heart attack and blamed the couple for her illness. She demanded that her son covers all medical costs.

But the worst was yet to come. On their wedding day, the groom’s family refused to attend, and instead, they hired someone to throw red paint on the bride’s dress right before she walked down the aisle. As the crowd screamed in horror, the bride was left with large splashes of red paint on her dress, causing her to change into a dress she already owned.

As if that wasn’t enough, the groom’s family also allegedly sent an anonymous tip to the police, claiming that there were drugs at the wedding and that the groom might be in possession of them. The police showed up and searched the guests, but thankfully, no one was arrested.

The drama continued even during the newlywed’s honeymoon, with the groom’s family hiding his passport and trying to bribe the travel agency to ruin the trip. However, the couple managed to have a successful honeymoon despite their in-law’s efforts.

The community in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, has been shocked by the groom’s family’s actions, and reportedly, they have even egged their house in response. Maupe and her family are now reportedly hated by the entire town. The couple has since moved away for their safety.

The Reddit community has also been shaken by the story, with many expressing their disbelief and horror at the behavior of the groom’s family. Some have even suggested that the couple move far away for their safety.

The newlyweds’ happily ever after has been marred by the horrific actions of the groom’s family. It is a frightening reminder of how greed and jealousy can destroy relationships and cause unimaginable pain.

New York Post