Did an Interest in Serial Killers Lead to the Brutal Murder of 4 University of Idaho Students?

The arrest of Bryan Kohberger in connection with the murder of four University of Idaho students has brought a sense of relief to the small college town of Moscow, Idaho. However, now that the suspect has been apprehended, the real mystery remains: what was the motive for these horrific crimes?

At first glance, there may seem to be no connection between Mr. Kohberger and the victims, but upon further investigation, a few key details have emerged that could shed some light on the situation.

Kohberger had an old white Hyundai Elantra, which is the same model of car that was spotted near the victims’ home on the night of the attacks. It’s unclear at this time if this was the same vehicle, but it’s certainly a detail that warrants further investigation.

As details emerge, we learn that Kohberger had a strong interest in criminal psychology, having studied the subject in college and even conducting a survey of inmates about their thoughts and actions when committing a crime.

Kohberger earned a psychology degree at a community college in 2018 and then began studying psychology and eventually criminal justice at DeSales University, a Catholic institution in Center Valley, Pa.

There, he studied in part under Katherine Ramsland, a well-known forensic psychologist whose books include “The Mind of a Murderer” and “How to Catch a Killer.” Ramsland declined to comment.

The lack of a clear motive has left many in Moscow feeling uneasy and scared. Residents have been checking the locks on their doors and windows, and authorities have been working to ensure that students feel safe on campus.

While the arrest of Mr. Kohberger was certainly welcome news, the question of motive still looms large. Was this a crime of passion? Or did Mr. Kohberger have a more sinister motive? It’s possible that he was targeting certain individuals, or that his fascination with criminal psychology led him to commit these heinous acts.


The New York Times


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