Amazon Alexa’s Secret Function Helped Woman Bust Cheating Boyfriend

Amazon Alexa helped bust a cheating boyfriend by saving recorded conversations.

A woman discovered that her boyfriend was cheating on her after accessing a secret function on her Amazon Alexa.

Jessica Lowman posted a video on TikTok to reveal that the Amazon Alexa speaker saves all voice recordings, which can later be retrieved on your computer browser.

In her video, Lowman captioned, “So this is how I caught my ex cheating.” The video has had over 3.6 million views. She continued, writing, “I didn’t even know Alexa stored this shizzz [sic].”

The short clip shows the betrayed brunette accessing her Alexa voice history before scrolling down to a suspicious recording captured by the device on Sept. 17.

Lowman plays the audio clip, which features a woman’s voice asking the speaker to play a specific song.

“Alexa, play ‘Power Trip’ by Miguel,” the woman asks.

Lowman then plays a second recording captured just one minute later. In this clip, you hear the voice of her boyfriend asking Alexa to turn the track up louder.

“Alexa, volume eight,” the man orders.

For Lowman, the recordings proved that the woman was inside Lowman’s home with her boyfriend, and therefore, he was cheating on her.

Lowman is encouraging other women to access their own Alexa devices voice history to see what has been going on inside their homes while they’re away.

Comments to the Tik-Tok video were mixed with one predicting, “All females running to Alexa app right now!”

Another commenter said that she had also caught her boyfriend cheating through Alexa, writing, “That’s the exact same way I found out too! Listened in on a full date night!”

In Alexa’s privacy settings, Amazon allows the owner of the speaker to access all recordings in the “Review Voice History” section.

Using the Alexa app, you can listen to Alexa recordings by going to the menu,  selecting Settings, Alexa Privacy, and then reviewing voice history.

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