Airline Employee Harassed By Out-of-Control Passengers- WATCH

On April 9th, 2021, a young flight attendant had her experience on a Ryanair flight from Manchester, England to Barcelona, Spain, turn into a “flightmare.” The 2-hour 20-minute flight was packed with Manchester United supporters who were on their way to watch a game and the flight attendant, Chloe Harrison, 25, was the subject of crude and inappropriate chants by some of the passengers.

Harrison recalled the experience saying that when she first walked to the back of the plane, “it was just full of men.” About halfway through the flight, she says she could hear something as she was walking up and down the aisle and when she looked up, all the men were looking at her and chanting.

“I walked to the back of the plane and looked and it was just full of men,” Harrison recalled of the flight.

“About halfway through the journey, I was walking down the aisles with a rubbish bag and I could hear something. I looked up and they were all looking at me. I was thinking, ‘Why are they all looking at me while they’re chanting?’”

The chants included phrases such as “Get your t-ts out” and “Chloe’s got a nice a–e.” One passenger went as far as to suggest that the two of them go to the bathroom for a “mile-high romp.”

It appears that the chants increased as the flight progressed and when the plane landed, several of the men continued to accost her. She claims that they were all trying to leave through the back and ask for her Instagram and that they kept saying “I’ll never forget you.” Harrison was able to record some of the men’s antics and post them to her TikTok account, which quickly went viral.

The flight attendant said that she wasn’t in any danger and that if there was any trouble, they could have gotten the police on arrival, but that wasn’t necessary since the men were “just having a good laugh, excited for the football and going on holiday.”

New York Post


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