Bear Learns The Hard Way Why You Should Never Mess With Pigs (VIDEO)

There’s no such thing as an easy meal in the wild, and a black bear just learned that the hard way.

A black bear moving through the woods had found a hog pen, thinking he had an easy meal. After staring at the pig, the black bear casually climbed the fence but as soon as his paws hit the ground, the bear was met with a surprise.

Just as the black stepped foot in the pen, the large pig immediately charged the bear, pinning it against the pen. The pig didn’t let up and pushed the bear into the adjacent corner as another hog came out of the enclosure and charged the preditor as well.

That began a short standoff with the two pigs staring down the bear, who decided he had met his match, hopped the fence, and melted back into the woods.

Nature is a pretty fantastic place, and clips like that help us appreciate the things around us.

In another example of how awesome nature is, British photographer and filmmaker Lewis Jefferies captured an incredible marine photo of a massive jellyfish.

Working with his friend Sammy, with the sun behind her, he captured the jellyfish under her paddleboard.

“The jellyfish make great subjects to photograph and are quite handy because they don’t move very fast, ” 33-year-old Lewis said, ”so once you find one, you can experiment with lots of different angles.”

“I’d had a shot like this in mind for a while with my partner on a paddleboard above the waterline and some marine life below. The conditions were amazing and there was a lovely sunset—which gave me the ingredients I needed to create something quite interesting.”

“Credit has to go to Sammy for paddling out to the right spot at the right moment,” he added.

The photo won him first place in the British Waters Living Together category of the national competition Underwater photographer of the Year 2022.

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