6-Year-Old Hero Bites Off Kidnapper’s Attempt at Abduction!

A 6-year-old girl foiled a would-be kidnapper’s plan when she bit him and ran away after he attempted to abduct her from her apartment complex in Florida.

According to the Miami Police Department, a young girl named A’hylric was playing outside in the courtyard of her apartment complex on Thursday, July 6, at around 8 p.m. with her siblings. After her siblings returned home, A’hylric decided to spend more time outside.

That was when 32-year-old Leonardo Venegas allegedly approached A’hylric and grabbed her by the arm, attempting to carry her away. The child fought back and, as Venegas carried her away, she bit him on the arm, forcing him to drop her. He then allegedly slapped the young girl before fleeing, and she ran to tell her aunt what had happened.

“She stated that she was suddenly grabbed by the arm and pulled toward the rear of the stairs. The victim began to fight back and pulled away from the defendant,” the arrest report said. “The defendant then picked up the victim and began to carry her away.”

The Miami Police Department reviewed security footage from the apartment complex and identified the white Range Rover allegedly driven by Venegas. On Saturday, July 8, Venegas was arrested after the young girl described her abductor’s appearance.

Venegas was charged with kidnapping and child abuse causing no great bodily harm. He is being held in detention without bond and also has a warrant for an expired driver’s license and a warrant for an immigration violation.

The child’s mother, Teshia McGill, told NBC South Florida, “I’m glad she knew how to fight back.”

Anyone with information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

Fox News


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