Teen Injured After Deer Shows Up In The Craziest Place

In a surprising turn of events at The Grind restaurant in Martin, Tennessee, two families enjoying dinner had an unexpected visitor when a deer crashed through the window from the parking lot. The incident, captured on video obtained by Fox Weather, shows the glass shattering, prompting diners to hastily vacate their seats while a man attempts to chase the deer.
During the chaos, the deer’s hoof struck 13-year-old Ruby Hayes’ shoulder as it flew over a table. She was promptly taken to a nearby hospital, where she received 11 stitches for the injury. Inside the restaurant, the deer continued its erratic path, maneuvering around tables and knocking over chairs before settling in a different part of the establishment. Surveillance footage recorded the deer speeding through the area behind the bar, prompting restaurant workers to flee for safety.

The unexpected incident left everyone in shock, prompting them to quickly rise and huddle in the corner.

“It’s sliding on the glass, it can’t get its footing. It’s frantically trying to get up,” Alicia said.

“I couldn’t comprehend it was actually a deer. We’re in the middle of town, across the street from the University of Tennessee Martin. It’s like, what in the world?”

As the deer approached the exit, a man opened the door, allowing the animal to leave. Witness Alicia Owens described the situation as “so bizarre,” expressing disbelief at the deer sliding on the glass and struggling to regain its footing. Despite the chaos, Ruby Hayes, although shaken, has reportedly returned home and is in good spirits after receiving medical attention. The unexpected intrusion left patrons and onlookers astonished at the unusual occurrence in the middle of town, near the University of Tennessee, Martin.

The restaurant, known for its milkshakes, donut burgers and mac n cheese by locals, remained open the next day.

“Hey folks, we are open today despite the crazy circumstances of last night. Above all else, we are very thankful that Ruby is ok as well as her family,” the restaurant wrote on social media the day after the incident.

“I guess you can say things got a little ‘’Buck Wild” at the Grind last night!”