This Amazing Rescue Dog Has Saved Over 50 People From Earthquakes In Mexico.

Frida, The ResCue Dog Is Busy At Work Saving LivesFrom The Earthquake In Mexico.

The military, as well as state and local officials, have teamed together to aid in the search and rescue in Mexico City. Mexico’s capital was rocked this Tuesday by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake, there has not been an earthquake, of that stength, in Mexico since the 80’s.

While the team is working around the clock unfortunately time is running out for the people buried beneath the rubble. Thankfully, the team is not alone in their efforts. Working alongside them reexperienced professional, rescue dogs.The dogs have been quite successful, thus far, rescuing victims who would have been unnoticed by any human, most of which have been children. Even taking the time to find their fellow pups in need.

Even though there are several dogs’s working the sites, one dog, in particular, has received a ton of attention online, Frida. Maybe it’s because she is so photogenic? More likely Frida, a seven-year-old lab, has rescued 52 people from disaster in her short career.

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As reported by with Bustle.

Other dogs are among those who have been rescued. A golden retriever was pulled from the rubble in the Alvaro Obregon area of Mexico City. The people watching were reportedly ecstatic, cheering and petting the dog when the human rescuers pulled it to safety. One person yells out that they pass around the dog in a joyous tone, the report stated. With so much destruction, it’s these hopeful moments that provide a mental health boost.

They will be split up by large stretches of hard work. Even local residents have been out on the street trying to help support the rescuers by preparing food and giving out water. What is usually quite a stratified society has truly come together to literally dig each other out.

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