What toy company has been worried about the environment?

 The Lego company wants to help.

The maker of the classic all-time favorite toy has been secretly working to develop a more environmentally friendly version. In hopes to minimize the carbon-footprint while not degrading quality. In short, they have been quietly trying to stop using plastic.

Legos are one of the longest living iconic toys dominating the market for almost 60 years. Most children remember the joy of playing with Legos. Parent’s remember stepping on the painful toy. While the company can’t make them more foot-friendly their new goal is to not contribute to environmental waste.


As Reported by James Games with Upworthy:

For the last couple of years, Lego has been experimenting with making their iconic bricks from eco-friendly sources.

In 2015, Lego announced it would invest the equivalent of $155 million into finding a non-oil, smaller-footprint source for the various plastic they need to make all those tires, trees, and movie stars. Since then, they have been experimenting with different types of bioplastics, which can be made from plants like corn or wheat and produce fewer emissions than conventional plastic.

The goal is to find alternatives for 20 types of plastic by the year 2030.

There are hurdles to making something as durable, flexible, and iconic as a Lego, and the company is still experimenting. Whatever they choose, it’ll need to snap together with existing Legos, last just as long, and preserve the aesthetic. Their latest experiment with wheat sugar, for example, failed because it couldn’t hold the right shine, as Quartz reported.

This change won’t eliminate the carbon cost of manufacturing, nor will it address other carbon costs like shipping, but little changes add up. After all, 19 billion new Lego pieces are produced each year. Furthermore, the Lego company has also been reducing its carbon footprint through other means as well, including investing in an offshore wind farm. In fact, it recently met a 100% renewable energy milestone.enviromentaly


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