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McDonald’s Huge Change After ‘Deal’ Falls Flat

Hello everyone! Today, we’re diving into the fast food world, specifically the buzz around McDonald's $5 value meal. Now, you might think a deal...

Foo Fighters Concert Cut Short due To Weather

Ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been to a concert that was so electrifying, Mother Nature herself decided to join in? That’s exactly what...

Natalie Portman Breaks Silence Heartbreaking Life Change

Hello everyone, Natalie Portman may not be a pop star, but she’s certainly singing the praises of one! The Academy Award-winning actress recently made...

Teen Struck By Lighting During Yard Work

Ladies and gentlemen, a Florida teenager is on the road to recovery after surviving a lightning strike while working in a storm. Daniel Sharkey,...

Country Star Ticks Off Fans After Yelling At Concertgoers

Miranda Lambert's recent actions at concerts have sparked controversy among her fans. During her performance at the Under The Big Sky Festival in Whitefish,...