Watch: Attack Or Accident? QB Claims He Was ‘Assaulted’ During Post Game Drama

Police are investigating an alleged post-game attack on Cardinals Quarterback Kyler Murray.

During a game in Las Vegas against the Raiders, the Cardinals came back from a 20-0 deficit to win in overtime. As the game ended, Murray spotted Cardinals fans in the front row of the stadium and went over to celebrate with them. It was at that moment another fan reached over and appeared to have struck the quarterback in the face with an open hand.

From Yahoo Sports:

Las Vegas police spokesman Larry Hadfield told the Associated Press that a battery complaint was filed around 6:30 p.m. local time on Sunday with an allegation that “a spectator at the stadium struck a professional football player.” Hadfield didn’t identify who filed the complaint, which wasn’t immediately made publicly available.

Murray has not addressed the incident in publicly, and the Cardinals have directed questions about it to LVMPD.

Murray has remained quiet. However, the Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury told the media he wants the fan banned from NFL stadiums for life.

“I was just told about it,’’ Kingsbury said. “But I think that guy’s a lowlife, whoever did it, and I hope they arrest him, he gets fired and can never go to another game.’’

Below is a video of what occurred:

Below is a video of the “incident” in slow motion, and it appears that the fan (who is smiling) may have accidentally missed a high-five or a slap on the pads accidentally striking the QB.

Many in the comments on social media believe that it was a possibly intoxicated fan who was trying to congratulate Murray by slapping his shoulder pad and missed. Many felt that the sports media was hyping up the controversy.


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