UFC Champion Holly Holm Takes a Controversial Stand After Major Win

Holly Holm, the former women’s bantamweight champion, returned to the title mix at 135 pounds with a unanimous victory over Yana Santos in San Antonio. During her winners’ speech, Holm called for the end of the sexualization of children.

“Something’s been on my heart, and I feel like I have the platform to say it. I need to say it,” Holm said. “I just feel it’s really sad all the sexualization of our children right now, and we need to protect them, whatever that may be. Let’s protect the children, please!”

At the post-fight press conference, Holm further explained her statement, stating that “there’s just right and wrong” and that “everybody should be wanting to protect their children.” She explained that there is a lot of child trafficking and that it is becoming more accepted, which she finds “really sad.” She hopes to use her platform to speak out on the issue and bring people together to protect children.

“You know there’s a lot of things I don’t ever want to be… I’m not even a real political person,” Holm added. “I don’t like to put that stuff around any of my social media… but there’s also just right and wrong. I feel like everybody should be on the same side on that. I don’t feel like that has anything to do with left side, right side, or anything like that. I feel like everybody should be wanting to protect their children.”

“It affects people in their long-term life too. I have friends that are adults, and their biggest – that kinda is a shadow, kind of that dark space for them – is being sexualized when they were young. I feel like it’s almost getting accepted,” she continued.

Holm’s victory was her first since 2020, and she has now signed a six-fight contract with UFC.

The fight was a big win for Holm, who was able to make a statement and put herself back into the title picture. With her new six-fight contract with UFC, Holm is looking to make her way to the top of the division.

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